Girls Bar Feliz

代々木駅隣のガールズバー フェリス


“Is not it a very nice space if the 5 star hotel and the girls merge?”
Our shop was born from such an idea.
If you open the door there will be a space that you can not think as Yoyogi.
For the interior, we use the expensive stone imported directly from Egypt generously, the chair made of walnut solid wood, the custom-made one of the highest quality in the zhang area.
The modern carpet excites an elegant feeling, and a swarovski chandelier glows elegantly on the ceiling.
Ikebana maintained once a week let you forget the daily bustle and the fragrance of LINARI drifting inside the store makes you relax.
All the ice that the customer makes in the mouth is a safe one that is close to pure water purchased from the ice store and the food menu devised as a food wholesaler is nothing but that can not be tasted by other girls bars.
Monthly a large amount of recruitment advertisement fee is spent acquiring girls. Therefore, we can acquire “ordinary girls” who have to go to schools or have to works in the daytime. They can not work all night long, so that we are shipping them by cars for their personal use.

This makes it possible to reduce the burden of having 2 jobs or getting academic achievement. Hence we can being succeed in stable employment over other stores.

How has it been?

Due to the nature of business it is not always possible to meet a girl that you like.
However, we promise to offer you time to satisfy as long as you can visit 2 or 3 degrees.

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